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Orchestral auditions are organized regularly. If you are interested, we ask for an application.


1. W.A. Mozart: Concert for Violin G-Major or D-Major or A-Major – respectively I. movement with Cadenza
2. First movement of one of the violin concerts by
F. Mendelssohn, J. Brahms, P. Tchaikovsky, J. Sibelius or a romantic piece of free choice
3. Orchestral studies:
B. Bartok: Divertimento, I. Mov.
G. Verdi: La Traviata I Act, beginning
B. Smetana: Overture from Opera „Verkaufte Braut“
W.A. Mozart: Final from Symphonie E-flat-major No. 39

Where send the application

Please send your application to the email address The application should contain: CV, photo (s) and optionally a link to your music recordings (not necessarily with the audition program)

Important information

The notification is not unequivocal. After processing the documents you have sent, we will contact you to confirm your participation in the audition.