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“..there are not children - there are people”

Janusz Korczak

Aware of the situation related to the Russian aggression in Ukraine and touched by the drama of the nation of the Ukrainian state, we feel obliged with our work and artistic activity to support the fate of the most defenseless, often unaware of the causes of the drama they are experiencing - Ukrainian children.
Since the outbreak of the war, approximately 3 million Ukrainian citizens have crossed our border - most of them are women and children.

Freedom - act of our existence, being the highest value of a human being, at the same time becomes the easiest area of manipulation leading to taking control and enslavement. That is why it is so important to discharge the emerging human emotions with art, a creative act of expression ... - overcoming the aggression that leads to wars.

".. let's create instead of fight .."

Culture and art, with the participation of young but already well-educated artists, confirm the thesis that beauty is an Aristotelian synonym for excellence and goodness – it is a perspective we never want to lose and a goal we always want to pursue.

As the Sinfonia Masovia Orchestra, we invited great artists to cooperate with us – musicians, singers, dancers, choreographers and producers: in alphabetical order

  • Krzesimir Dębski – world-famous composer, violinist and arranger;

  • Anna Długołęcka – director, fashion designer and costume designer;

  • Wiesław Dudek – dancer, choreographer, teacher – “Ambassador of Polish Culture”;

  • Aleksandra Gudzio – mezzo-soprano, soloist of the Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz,

  • Zbigniew Ignaczewski – accordionist, prof. The Academy of Music in Łódź;

  • Jacek Malanowski – vocalist, instrumentalist, troubadour;

  • Iana Selenko (Ukraine) – prima ballerina, – Staatsballett Berlin

  • Dinu Tamazlacaru (Moldova) – Staatsballett Berlin

During the project, the foundation "Madame Chromatique" will raise funds to help Ukrainian children.
We also invited a representative of Ukrainian literature to participate in our concert in the person of Switłana Orłowska, who during our concert will promote her book entitled "Dream"


Łódź, Katowice, Kraków, Warszawa,
Wrocław,  Berlin, Lwów


The Sinfonia Masovia Orchestra

Dariusz Mikulski – conductor

Aleksandra Gudzio – mezzo-soprano

Krzesimir Dębski – violin

Zbigniew Ignaczewski – accordion

Jacek Malanowski – singing

Students of the Secondary Ballet School in Bytom

Wiesław Dudek – director

Anna Długołęcka – Artistic concept

 Zofia Czechlewska – choreography

Joanna and Christ Ernest – tap dancing

From the repertoire: 

  • L.v. Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 (Symphony of Freedom). 1. Allegro con brio
  • welcome text
  • Ukraine Anthem:
  • K. Dębski: Hucul Dance (Ballet)
  • St. Moniuszko: “Jadwiga’s Dumka” from the opera “The Haunted Manor”
  • Iana Selenko and Dinu Tamazlacaru: Pas de deux from the ballet “Satanella”
  • Jacek Malanowski “Troubadours”
  • “Mazowsze” – Dance
  • I.J. Paderewski: Duet from the play “Siberian Children”
  • W. Dudek: Speech
  • K. Dębski: “Dumka for two cheeses” by Aleksandra Gudzio and Jacek Malanowski
  • P. Mascagni: “Intermezzo sinfonico”
  • Mikulski: Speech
  • Suite “Gopak”
  • “Empire” Orchestra
  • Step (dance) Final

.. and much more ..